Court Booking Rules

Court Booking Rules

  • All court bookings are done on line at The use of automated tools or scripts is prohibited.
  • Members can book indoor and outdoor courts up to 5 days in advance.
  • The booking release time on the 5th day will be when the booking time slot has passed the current day’s time.
  • When booking a court you must indicate whether it is for Social or Coaching reasons. If the booking is for coaching you must indicate the name of the coach. You must not book a court for social reasons if it is being used for coaching. The coach must ensure that the court has been reserved for coaching reasons.
  • Every member of the club including juniors will have their own id and password for court bookings.
  • You can only use your own id for court bookings i.e. sharing of ID’s is forbidden.
  • The member who owns the id must be present on court if the court has been booked with that id. Sanctions will be apply to the id if there is a breach of this rule.
  • The same personnel are not permitted to book any 2 consecutive court bookings i.e. The same pair (singles) or 4 (doubles) cannot between them, book consecutive courts using their different booking id’s. This rule applies at all times to indoor courts and for the 8pm and 9:15pm slots Monday to Thursday for outdoor courts.
  • If you release a court booking, this court may not be booked by an id from the same family within 24 hours. Sanctions will apply to the entire family should there be a breach of this rule.
  • Every single id is entitled to book 1 indoor court slot in one 5-day period. Other ids, including ids from the same family, cannot be used to circumvent this rule.
  • Members can only cancel a court up to one time session 1.00hr (7.30am – 5.30pm) and 1.15min (after 5.30pm) before the booked and allocated time.
  • If a member has booked a court and does not turn up they will be contacted for an explanation. If the explanation is deemed unacceptable, sanctions will apply.
  • If a member has booked a court and does not turn up within the first 15 minutes of the booking, the court will be deemed free and another member is entitled to utilise the booking for the remaining booking time.
  • Juniors under 14 cannot book courts at 8pm and no juniors can book courts at 9:15pm.
  • The following restrictions apply to indoor court bookings on Saturdays and Sundays for bookings starting between the hours of 10:30am and 4:30pm inclusive.

– Court A can be booked for use by Juniors & Seniors (Coaching permitted).

– Court B can be booked for use by Juniors & Seniors (No Coaching).

– Court C can only be booked for use by Seniors (No Coaching).

  • If in the opinion of any member of the executive, club manager or director of tennis, coaching is being done on Court B or C during these times then the member who booked the court and the coach will be sanctioned. However, where any of these courts are vacant they may be used by Juniors, Seniors and Coaching by any Member present.


  • Sanctions

  • 1st offence – Caution.
    2nd offence – 10 day loss of booking privileges.
    3rd offence – Immediate loss of booking privileges until the executive deem it appropriate to reinstate.

We ask and encourage members using the courts to inform any member of the executive or the club manager (, if they are aware of any court book