• Good manners should be practised at all times.
  • Racquet or ball abuse is not allowed.
  • Swearing and abusive language or behaviour are forbidden.
  • Consideration for other members and visitors is to be shown both on and off the court.
  • You should not enter a court when a game is in progress if it is likely to cause interference
    or distraction. Only so do when play has temporarily stopped.
  • During play, if a ball of yours strays onto or behind another court, do not attempt to retrieve
    the ball if there is a game in progress on that court. Wait until the point on the adjoining
    court is finished before you retrieve the ball.
  • While a game is in progress please do not make excessive noise while in the vicinity of that
    court out of respect to the players.
  • When parking your car beside the clubhouse near court 10, if your car lights are on you can
    distract people playing on court 10 or court 9. Be sensitive to any matches that are in
    progress and turn your lights off if appropriate.



  • When a league match or a competitive match is in progress, it is not permitted to organise a
    social game, tennis coaching or a knock-up on an adjoining court while that competitive
    match is taking place.
  • If you have booked a court and a league match or competitive match is taking place on your
    court, either see if another non-adjacent court is free, or wait until that match is finished.
  • This is an unlikely scenario as the court system should block book the courts for league use,
    but occasionally it can happen if matches take a long time to finish.