• A member may bring a visitor to play tennis in the Club on an occasional basis. “Occasional”
    in this context means not more than once a month on average.
  • However, if you have a visitor on holidays, you may bring them as a visitor regularly, within
    your annual allocation.
  • A visitor must be signed in the visitor’s book in the foyer before play commences (for
    insurance reasons).
  • Because of the nature of this system, a very dim view will be taken of abuse of it.
    Please also note that a visitor to the Club is not allowed to provide or receive coaching in the
  • A fee of €10 applies for each visit. Please pay this in the bar at the first available opportunity.
    For child protection purposes if a Junior member wishes to bring a visitor, their parent or
    guardian must sign in and be present while the Junior and visitor are on the premises of the