Executive Committee Duties and Responsibilities

To make plans, adopt new Club rules, codes of practice, policies and procedures that effect the organisation and smooth running of the Club’s activities and are consistent with the Constitution of the Club and developments in legislation and good practice generally.

To ensure that this Constitution, Club Rules, policies and procedures are easily accessible to all members.

To set up as many sub-committees as necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Club. While Sub-committees will act within reasonable limits on their own initiative in discharging their duties they shall be subject to the authority of the Executive Committee. At least one member of the Executive committee shall sit on all sub-committees.

To meet generally monthly, with a minimum of ten meetings per year. At each meeting, a statement of the financial position shall be furnished by the Honorary treasurer. At the AGM, the Honorary Secretary shall produce a record of attendance at Executive Committee meetings during the year.

To ensure the clubs financial health including the approval of annual audited accounts.

To enter agreements to hire the pavilion to responsible persons for social functions, meetings and other activities deemed appropriate.

To provide clear goals and responsibilities for employees, provide ongoing management and support for employees to carry out their duties and to manage their performance in accordance with good employment practice and all relevant codes of practice.

To ensure that all concerns, allegations or reports of poor practice or abuse relating to the welfare of children and young people will be recorded and responded to swiftly and appropriately in accordance with the club’s child protection policy and procedures. The elected Child Protection Officer (s) shall be the main contact for all members and staff in the event of any child protection concerns.

To create a club environment which upholds the dignity and respect of the individual, and which supports every individual’s right to work, play tennis and socialise in an atmosphere which is free from any form of harassment, abuse, and intimidation or bullying.

To implement our respect and dignity at work policies and procedures for those who infringe club rules, regulations/ constitution. The committee impose reasonable and proportionate sanctions up to and including expulsion from the Club in the management of grievances.

To appoint advisors to the Committee as necessary to fulfil its business.

To ensure that the club complies to all relevant Data Protection legislation.