E-Vetting Process

Step 1

Get 2 Forms – Two forms are needed for this process

  1. eVetting Invitation Form AND
  2. Verification of ID form

Collect from CLTC office OR download from Tennis Ireland website

Step 2

Manually complete both forms and source 3 Identification documents

  • 1 of 3 Identification Documents (aka. Proof of Identity) must be either a
    1. Current Passport, or a
    2. Current Driving Licence
  • 2 from the following list (dated within the last 3 months and with name & address as given on Verification of ID form )
    • Bank / Building Society Account
    • Utility Bill
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Addressed Payslip
    • for 16- 18 year olds in full time education when other document routes are exhausted , a Letter from a Head Teacher or Further Education College Principal

Note: Please redact sensitive information on any of the Identification documents

Step 3 – Submit

To submit the completed forms with 3 Identification documents, contact David Collins (086 831 6840) or the Club Manager (Kerri Dillon) in the CLTC office
What happens next?

David or Kerri will validate proof of identity and forward the 2 completed forms to Tennis Ireland.
Tennis Ireland will send the Vetting Subject an email with a link, inviting him/her to complete a Vetting Application Form.

Step 4

Complete Vetting Application Form, using link in email from Tennis Ireland

Note: The link expires if not accessed before expiration date in email If the link expires, the process starts from Step 1 above
Tennis Ireland will send Vetting Disclosure to the Vetting Subject by email

Step 5

Please print Vetting Disclosure and hand in to Kerri Dillon (CLTC office)
Vetting Disclosure forms will be kept on file in the CLTC office.