Annual Christmas Choir Recital- St Vincent De Paul (SVP)

Dear Members

As we find ourselves heading into much tighter restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid 19 may I take this opportunity on behalf of all the Executive committee and our staff to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and hope that your new year is a happy healthy and safe.

I would also like to wish our members who are unwell at the moment a speedy recovery and that you remain in our thoughts at this time.

In absence of our annual Choir recital, CLTC Choir have kindly put a recording together to remind us of what this time of year should be all about. Choir Recital

They have once again linked up with the local Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP)  to help raise much needed funds and have asked if you can to donate online at your contribution will make a big difference to many people who are struggling this Christmas.

Thank You.