Celebrating junior girls for Women in Sport week

The ‘Stars and Stripes’ U-12’s girls team played some super tennis against Sutton LTC to come away with a victory but more importantly had fun on court. After their match, Simona had the table set for the girls and served up pizza and chips to celebrate them as part of the CLTC ‘Women in Sport’ week. It was a joy to sit and chat with them. We looked at the slideshow and they asked loads of questions about who they were reading about and seeing on the screen. They chatted about what sports they play and what their favourites are. I asked if they knew why they were having a pizza party and they answered ‘because of International Women’s Day’ and ‘because we are the future’ They showed incredible self-awareness and confidence.

We chatted about tennis and we went around the table asking what their favourite or best shot was. They could all tell me straight away and were proud of their skills, supportive of each other and self-confident. This enthusiasm is to be nurtured and encouraged. Thank you girls for a lovely night, it was a blast

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