Four Nations Tournament

Dear Members

The club will be hosting the Four Nations Tournament this coming weekend from Saturday 4th to Monday 6th May.

Our very own John Rendina is representing Ireland in the Over 45 category! We hope to see John on court around 12.30pm on Saturday.

The bar will be open over the weekend and we will also be serving food throughout the event. Your support over the weekend would be greatly appreciated.

Please be aware that the junior room will be used as the tournament office and will therefore not be accessible over the weekend as per normal.

Please see below the schedule for the weekend. Matches may be moved at the discretion of the Tournament Referee. Full schedule and results are available on the Tennis Ireland web site here.

We look forward to seeing you in the club over the weekend and supporting Ireland.

Daily Format

Saturday                                           Sunday                                  Monday

Mens Singles 2                                Ladies Singles 2                   Mens Singles 2

Ladies Singles 2                               Mens Singles 2                    Ladies Singles 2

Mens Single 1                                  Ladies Singles 1                   Mens Singles 1

Ladies Singles 1                               Mens Singles 1                    Ladies Singles 1

Mens Doubles                                 Ladies Doubles                    Mens Doubles

Ladies Doubles                                Mens Doubles                     Ladies Doubles

Fixtures per day

Saturday 4th May

Court 1                      35+     England  v  Ireland

Court 2                      35+     Scotland  v Wales

Court 4                      45 +    England  v Wales

Court 5                      45+     Ireland  v Scotland

Court 8                      50 +    England v Scotland

Court 9                      50 +    Ireland  v Wales

Sunday 5th May

Court 1                      50 +    England v wales

Court 2                      50 +    Ireland V Scotland

Court 4                      35 +    England v Scotland

Court 5                      35 +    Ireland v Wales

Court 8                      45+   England v Ireland

Court 9                      45+  Scotland v wales

Monday 6th May

Court 1                      45 +    England v Scotland

Court 2                      45 +     Ireland v Wales

Court 4                      50 +    England v Ireland

Court 5                      50 +    Scotland v Wales

Court 8                      35 +    England v Wales

Court 9                      35 +    Ireland v Scotland