Indoor Dining guidelines Monday 26th July 2021

Dear Members,

Following the recent government update relating to indoor dining, we are happy to state that from Monday 26th July we will be offering indoor food and beverage.

We ask that you read and take note of the following draft guidelines set out by the government, that the club, management, and staff will be adhering to.

  • There must be a defined, managed, and supervised entrance point with an appropriate queue management system. Entry into the restaurant and bar will be through the middle sliding door on the balcony, no other entry points should be used.
  • Members must await a member of staff before entering the indoor seated area so that the following checks can take place.
  • Before a member is allowed to enter the seating area the Proof of Immunity for each adult must be checked to verify eligibility for entry to the seating area. These checks include verifying Proof of Immunity, combined with photo ID to ensure person is a ‘permitted person’.
  • Presentation to the responsible person at the controlled entrance of each customer’s Proof of Immunity (subject to the finalisation of regulations made under the Health (Amendment)(No.2) Act 2021 this will include EU Digital Covid Certificate and HSE vaccination card).
  • The club must ensure every customer (over 18) has the relevant Proof of Immunity to prove they are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 if they wish to dine indoors.
  • If any member of the group does not have their Proof of Immunity with them, indoor food and beverage services will not be permitted.
  • Separately the name and contact number of each customer (over 18) must be taken for contact tracing purposes.

Once the above is completed and deemed satisfactory, the member of staff will allocate you a table. We ask that you come prepared to present the above, these guidelines have been set by the government and we will not be able to deviate away from this.

  • Once seated, should you wish to use the lavatory, you will vacate the area through the members bar door adjacent to the physio room.
  • To re-enter the seated indoor area, you must use the middle sliding doors on the balcony, no other entry point should be used.

Key Measures for Indoor Dining

  • Indoor Hospitality must operate in adherence to Government regulations in relation to evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity following recovery.
  • A maximum of 6 persons aged 13 or over are permitted at a table. This limit of 6 does not include accompanying children aged 12 or younger. The total combined capacity at a table cannot exceed 15 overall (max. 6 persons aged 13 and over).
  • Customers can avail of table service only and may not approach or order from the bar or other counter.
  • Face coverings must be worn by customers at all times other than when seated at their table.
  • Employees wear face coverings/masks at all times.
  • Music performance, dancing or other entertainment or mingling between tables is not permitted.
  • Multiple tables cannot be booked indoors.
  • Premises must be clear of all customers by 11.30pm.

We ask that you work with the staff on ensuring the above measures are followed and all relevant procedures are adhered to.

Please see below link for the full draft guidance set by the government.Guidance-for-Indoor-Hospitality (

Kind Regards

Eugene O’Brien