Junior Box League 2023

Dear parents, 

We would like to introduce a new match format for all the junior members born between 2007 and 2014, the BOX LEAGUE. 

This event is open to all juniors at any level in order to give them the opportunity to play some matches and enjoy the competition. 

To register for this event, login to smartclubcloud.com, in the event section, you’ll find the option to register your child/children. Registration is already open and will be closed on Friday 29th of September at 23.59. 

Below you can find all the rules for the box league:

·         All juniors will be split in a box of 4 players

·         The juniors must arrange the matches themselves, book the court, and add the result on the score sheet in the junior room. 

·         A match of up to 13 games will be played with the first point after the deuce in every game.

·         In the situation of 6 games all, a tiebreak up to 7 will be played.

·         If the match is not completed, the junior with the highest number of games won will be the winner of that match (e.i. match score 5-4) the junior that won 5 games will be declared the winner of the match. 

·         All the juniors have 8 weeks to complete all the matches in their own box. At the end of these 8 weeks, the player with the highest number of matches and sets wins (1st in the group) will be moved to the above box, and the player with the lowest number of matches and sets win (4th in the group) position will be moved to the box below. 

For any additional information please contact me at tenniscoordinator@cltc.ie.