Ladies and Gents Line Tennis 2021

The Ladies & Gents Line tennis will commence next Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th June and will run for 5 weeks.

  • For the Gents there will be 2 sessions on Wednesday 7:15pm and 8:45pm and the later session on Friday at 8:30pm.
  • For the Ladies there will be 2 sessions on Thursday 7:00pm and 8:30pm and the earlier session on Friday 7pm.


The Ladies and Gents Schedule are available in the NEWS section of the smart club cloud.

Rearranged and Standby Matches

If all four players are agreeable you can rearrange your match. Please let us know by text if you cannot play the match no later than 4pm Tuesday each week (Helen or Noel)- Numbers can be found in MY DASHBOARD. Due to limited courts, a small number of matches could not be scheduled onto a court. We will endeavour to rearrange these as we are notified of the free courts.  

Match Format

  • Men’s matches are 21 games with the last game a normal tiebreak.
  • Scoring (Men)– 7 games 1 point, 10 games 2 points, 11 games 3 points, 14 games 4 points
  • Ladies matches are 17 games with the last game a normal tiebreak
  • Scoring (Ladies)– 5 games 1 point, 8 games 2 points, 9 games 3 points, 12 games 4 points
  • All games must be played first after deuce with receiver to elect side.
  • Matches not played by 16th July will receive 0 points
  • If you retire during a match, all remaining games will be awarded to the opposition.
  • If a pairing do not show up, 3 points will be awarded to the opponents


  • If you are unable to play you can use a sub see list here– located in the news section of the smart club cloud.
  • Subs can only play for the line listed or lines above. Pairs cannot use the same sub more than twice.
  • If you wish to use a sub not on the list you must get agreement from your Captain
  • Maximum points you can win with a sub is 3 points.

Score Entry

  • The winning pairing should enter the score here when the match is complete.
  • You can also click the Box Leagues on the Quick Links menu on the website home page
  • Enter your Smart Club user name and password in the box at the top of the box leagues screen that is displayed.
  • Select Results & Tables and then Ladies/Men’s Line Tennis from the Group drop down menu
  • Select Ladies Line Tennis 2021 or Mens Line Tennis 2021 from the League drop down menu.
  • Scroll down to the box for your line. The matches for this box will be listed on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Choose the match you want to enter the score for and click Enter Result.
  • Click the arrow to the right of Select, then choose the result from the drop down list and click Submit (no need to select a Referee).

Dress Code

As per club regulations, players should adhere to the Club Dress Code,