Level 3 – Plan for Living with COVID-19 …and what it means for the Members of Castleknock Lawn Tennis Club

Dear Members

Following last evening’s announcement of an escalation in Dublin to Level 3 (as per the Government’s recently published framework Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Living with COVID-19) will have major implications for activities, both tennis and dining, in the Club.

The Club will, in all instances, be guided by this framework together with Government and Tennis Ireland advice that forms part of the framework.

The key message is that we should reduce our contact groups to as few as possible, for us in CLTC this might mean reducing the amount of times we play each week and the number of different people we play with for the moment. When you visit the club consider the length of time you spend there by arriving and leaving promptly and if dining maintain the 105-minute maximum stay guideline.

Together we can help each other stay safe by maintaining hand sanitising, social distancing and adhering to the recommendations.

Tennis Activities

  • Organised tennis events are suspended (such as Matt Russell event or Ladies Thursday Nights) for the duration of the period whilst Dublin is in level 3 status.
  • Singles and Doubles tennis will continue.
  • Details of all members playing on a court should be entered into the Court Booking System in advance to maintain accurate contact tracing records.
  • Coaching can take place in Pods of up to 6 players per court subject to social distancing. (For Red Ball pods of up to 8 players are allowed.)
  • Members and guests may play.
  • Players Under 16 can play with supervision of Parent or Guardian.

Dining and Bar Facilities

  • Indoor dining and bar facilities will be closed.
  • Take-away food and beverages will be available. Simona and Mihai are developing a limited menu – likely to be coffees, teas, and simple snacks for purchase on the balcony.
  • Outdoor dining may take place under the framework but there is a maximum of 15 customers seated at any time. We are awaiting further public health advice on the maximum table capacity. We are working with Simona and Mihai as to the feasibility of offering this service beyond this weekend.


  • Shower facilities continue to be out of use. Changing Room and Toilet facilities are in use.
  • Please make every effort to maintain social distancing and hand sanitisation practices.
  • Please respect the ‘one-way’ systems by following the signage and entry/exit instructions.
  • Maintain social distancing, avoid congregating on balcony or elsewhere in club.

All members are asked to wear face masks/coverings at all times while transiting to changing, physio or toilet facilities in the Clubhouse.Please exercise personal responsibility at all times.

We would like to thank members for their understanding and acceptance of the procedures put in place around the Club, based on government regulations and guidelines, to limit the spread of Covid-19.

With rising numbers of cases nationwide, it is essential that every Member, and guests, play their part in adhering to the Club’s procedures to curtail the spread of the virus, so as to protect themselves, their fellow members, and staff of the Club.



Stay Safe

Philip Carey