Governance (Members Only)


CLTC is a company limited by guarantee, registered under part 18 of the Company’s Act 2014.  The main object for which the Company exists is to promote the development and playing of tennis and the provision of facilities for that purpose.

The organisation reviews and manages the Governance of the Club under the Tennis Ireland Club Mark Accreditation process reviewing standards and capacities under the following headings.

  1. Facilities
  2.  Organisation and Management
  3. Safety and Child Welfare
  4. Tennis Standards, Play Scoring and Competition
  5. Player Development
  6. Workforce
  7. Outreach Programme
  8. Communications and PR
  9. Equality

During 2017 the Executive Committee conducted a pre-assessment of its Governance with the aid of the Tennis Ireland Tennis Clubmark Coordinator.  The pre-assessment exercise highlighted that the club met the appropriate operating standards in the area of effective organisation, management, safety, child welfare, risk management, equality and inclusion.  There was also satisfaction in the area of tennis activities, communications and outreach activity with some development required in the area of coaching.

Gold Clubmark accreditation was awarded in 2018, and has been re-awarded again in 2021.

Other Areas of Governance

CLTC aims to provide the highest level of oversight, transparency and accountability while ensuring the longer term performance management of the club is in line with best practice. The current Executive committee develops an annual work plan which details the prioritised activities in any given year.  The strategic plan outlines a 5 year view of priorities with supporting budget forecasts. The first was created in 2015 and is updated annually. The annual accounts represent the actual financial performance of the club and are reviewed relative to the 5 year forecast.


Our policies in relation to participating in the club, and the governance of the club are on the following page

CLTC Policies and Procedures