Not playing Summer League? Please read so you know when courts are required and how we hope to accommodate all members during this time..

The Dublin Lawn Tennis Council’s (DLTC) Summer League has started. This is an inter-club league with over 70 participating clubs. 

CLTC has 140 members on 20 teams with five weeks of intense competition ending June 15th. 

Ladies matches at home are on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (7.30pm).

Men’s matches at home are on Friday evenings (7.30pm) and Saturday afternoons (2pm). 

Courts have been reserved for league matches at these times over 2 booking slots (c. 2 hours). We expect that most matches will be finished within 2 hours but occasionally a match may run into the next booking slot which you may have booked. 

We could block 3 booking slots on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons for Summer League but have chosen to keep it open for members to book. Therefore, the 9.15pm slots are available for you to book on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday evenings (and 4pm on Saturday afternoons) but in the unlikely event that a league match runs into your slot, the league match will play on until completed and we ask for your patience and understanding. 

The decision to leave these booking slots available to members is made to accommodate you and to leave as many courts free as possible, so please consider this when booking a slot after Summer League matches.  T

Also, if you find yourself playing on a neighbouring court during a league match, we kindly ask for your mindfulness. Avoid distractions by refraining from walking behind active league matches. There can be tension, concentration and intensity on the courts so your consideration ensures that every player can give their best.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Deirdre & Geoff