Senior Club Championships 2021

The 2021 Club Championships draw is now available to view HERE.

Matches have been scheduled for the first few days of the event starting Monday 30th August. It is a very tight schedule with 274 entries so please check the schedule daily as some match times may be subject to change. There are 3 time slots each weekday evening, 6.30pm, 8pm and 9.30pm and matches scheduled for during the day at weekends.

In line with Tennis Ireland return to  competition guidelines, all matches are played as first point after deuce and the third set if needed is played as a championship tie break, up to 10 points. In men’s and women’s doubles the receiver chooses on which side to receive the serve and in mixed doubles, men serve to men and ladies serve to ladies. 

All scores must be sent asap by text to Helen or Noel.

Good luck and enjoy!