Spring Championships 2020

The Spring Championships will run from Monday 23rd March to Saturday 4th April.

Please do not enter if you are not available on Finals Day, Saturday 4th April

As we have less courts courts available than usual, there will be matches every day including Saturday and Sunday. Also, we may need to restrict the number of plates that we run or the format of plate matches. This will depend on the number of entries and whether we lose any tournament time due to bad weather..

The competition is open to all members over 14 in 2020. There are singles, men’s / women’s doubles and mixed events and all of these are graded so you will be playing against players of a similar standard to yourself. If you don’t have a partner, just enter as partner required and we will do our best to pair you up.

You can enter 3 events – 1 singles and 1 doubles and 1 mixed

You can nominate one unavailable day when you submit your entry. 
There may be some flexibility regarding unavailability if you enter less than 3 events. Please contact Clare (087 6187992) before registering. 

Your partner in doubles events must also register and pay before the entry deadline.

Click here to register for the competition. Registration will close on Wednesday 11th March @ 6pm

For details of how to enter online click here

Helen and Paraic