Winter League 2019

Winter League 2019 runs from Sunday 27 January. The group stage runs for 5 weeks, followed by playoffs, quarter finals and semi finals. The finals are on Sunday 31st March. Details of progress for all of our teams can be found on the DLTC website here.

Castleknock is one of the venues for finals this year.
Matches are on Sundays, with men playing in the morning and women in the afternoon.


The ladies teams did very well:

  • 6 of the 9 teams qualifying for the play-off stages.
  • The other teams finished well too with 2 teams in 3rd place and one in 4th place in their groups.
  • 2 teams reached the quarter finals

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Castleknock 8 have reached the semi-final. The match is at home at 11:00am on Sunday 24th March.

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