Mixed Line Tennis 2019

Mixed Line Tennis will run on 5 Sunday nights from 12th May to 16th June (no play on the June Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 2nd June). 

  • The pairings on a line are scheduled to play each other on Sunday nights at 7pm and 8:30pm on 12th May and at 6pm and 7:30pm on 19th, 26th May and 9th, 16th June.
  • Courts will be reserved for each session but they must be confirmed, see below.
  • You can re-arrange your match if all 4 players are agreeable.
  • The winning pairing should enter the score here
  • For details of how to enter a score click here.
  • All matches must be played by Thursday 20th June.
  • Prize Giving will be on Friday 21st June.
  • Entry fee €25

Please click links below to see:

Opt-in system for courts

  • 13 courts are booked each week for scheduled matches
  • If you are playing at the scheduled time, a court must be confirmed by one of the female players from your match (restricting it to one sex avoids 2 people confirming a court and men got the privilege last year!).
  • There will be a sign-on sheet each week and one woman must sign-on to confirm the reserved court. The sign-on sheet will open at 10am on Thursday.
  • If all of the courts have already been reserved, you may sign on as a sub. If somebody who has signed on for a court no longer needs it, their name will be removed from the sheet and the first sub will now have a court. Keep an eye on the sheet to see if you get a court. In the unlikely event that you do not get a court, you will have to rearrange your match for another time.
  • The sign-on sheet will close at at noon on Saturday and courts that have not been asssigned via the sign-on sheet will be released.
  • On Sunday morning we will text the person that reserved the court to tell them which court has been allocated to them.