World Tennis Number

Dear Members,

Tennis Ireland has advised that they have completed the registration for the WTN event and have now scheduled all players in the round robin groups.

Tennis Ireland have organised this event with Castleknock and over 100 Irish clubs participating with over 1,400 entries.

To check your round robin group click Tournament Players and select your name.

Rules & Regulations

  • Play starts May 24th and runs until June 6th.
  • Players will have the 2 weeks to play as many games as they wish in their group, no penalties for not playing though hopefully everyone will.
  • Contact players in your round robin group to play the matches and follow standard club protocols.
  • Standard club restrictions will apply:
  • Players book a court as normal, and organise their own games.
  • Players supply their own tennis balls.
  • Games should stop at the end of the booking period. Incomplete games get recorded as well with relevant score: every set counts, not only the final result.
  • Both players enter the result on Tennis Irelands easy ONLINE FORM or send it by email to


  • All communications to and from Juniors with other players must be done by their parents/guardian as per standard Child Safeguarding guidelines.
  • Standard club regulations and Covid restrictions continue to apply with regards to supervision.
  • All juniors should have a parent or guardian present for all games, irrespective of their opponent

Playing format

Players will play the Fast Fours format to fit with court booking times ( Format details below ).

Games should stop at

Matches will be played as the best of 2 short sets first to 4 games with a short tiebreak played at 3 games all (first to 5 points, deciding point at 4 points all, players should change ends every 4 points). If sets are even at the conclusion of the second set, a Match tiebreak (first to 10 points, deciding point at 9 points all) will be played to determine the outcome of the match.

All matches will be played using no-advantage scoring, with the receiver choosing the service side when the game reaches deuce.

No service lets will be played, meaning if the ball hits the net cord on a serve and lands within the correct service box, play will continue.

Incomplete games get recorded as well with relevant score: every set counts, not only the final result. 

Noel and Helen

Gents and Ladies Captain