Who runs the club?

The Club is run by a group of volunteer members who are elected annually onto the Executive Committee, by the membership at the AGM. They are supported by administrative, bar and cleaning staff. The objective of the club is to promote tennis and to facilitate sporting and social activities for the benefit of our members.

The Executive Committee consists of 10 officers of the club and five other members. Each member of the Executive Committee is responsible for looking after an area that they have volunteered for, they also maintain a collective responsibility for the smooth running of the club.

The Committee meets monthly to review reports of current activity and key issues for the following month. All members are encouraged to raise any issues for consideration by the Executive Committee, you can contact the Honorary Secretary one week before our meetings.

We are always looking for members to volunteer to help in running the activities of the club. Volunteering greatly enhances members enjoyment of the club and if you have some spare time please don’t hesitate to contact chair@cltc.ie.

Our Club Constitution outlines the key guidelines for the running of the club. There is a President, three Trustees and an Executive Committee who ensure that the constitution of the club is upheld for the benefit of all members.

Current Executive Committee 2024