Junior Coaching Program

Our Junior Coaching Programme commences September of each year and runs for 30-34 weeks. The programme caters for all junior levels of tennis starting from age 5-18 years. Coaching is available for all members of the club and is carried out by our qualified coaching team, ranging from level Tennis Ireland Level 1 to level 3. Sessions vary from 45 minutes up to 2 hour sessions dependent on the squad.

The junior coaching program is exclusively for junior members of the Club. For more information about membership, please contact Katerina Mitkova or Helen Reanley by email at office@cltc.ie.

If you wish to enquire about the Junior Coaching Programme then please contact us today on tenniscoordinator@cltc.ie

Members also have the option of booking private coaching for junior members if this is more suitable. To see the coaching team, click here. Have a look and contact the coaches directly with inquiries. Contact details are on the website page.

Registration for September 2023

Registration for the junior program is going to be live on smartclubcloud.com from Monday 14th of August at 9am. 

To join the program, login to your personal page, and in the coaching section you’ll find all the classes available related to your child/children’s age group and level.  

Please be aware that today the 9th of August was the deadline for the payment for all the juniors who attended the second term of the junior program 2022/23. To pay your invoice please log in to smartclubcloud.com and you’ll find the invoice outstanding in the finance section. 

For any other information please contact me at tenniscoordinator@cltc.ie